Hummingbird Art Camp is a Summer Camp for Girls age 7-10 years old, hosted by artist/illustrator, Julz Nally. I'm looking forward to another summer full of creating and connecting with nature in our backyard in 2019! My first camp happened in Summer 2018 with 4 camps. This summer I'll have one camp taking place in June, July & August. I'll also be bringing in Jena Coray during each of the weekly camps for 
2 days to lead us through an hour of movement, mindfulness, & meditation. Scroll down for more details & photos from last summer's camps.

Girls will explore art & nature as a means for discovering the magic that surrounds us daily and the brilliance that they each possess.

Each day, will start with a community circle and a movement activity. Throughout the day, we'll work on 4-6 various art making activities, learn about a female artist that was inspired by nature, and explore various cultures thru art & connections in nature while building
community together. 


I'll be teaching different types of Printmaking, Illustration, Paper Mache, Painting & Dyeing with various materials from nature, Pattern & Zine making, Drawing & Nature Crafting. There will be many surprises because I like to keep it fun!

Hummingbird Art Camp for girls age 7-10 years old will take place at the home of Julz Nally in NE Portland. 
Weekly camps, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. See below for dates.
There will be an artist reception (& sweet treats) on Friday at the end of each camp at 5:00. 

Movement, mindfulness, & meditation by Jena Coray for 2 days during each of the weekly camps for one hour.

Snacks will be provided. Please pack your girl a lunch & water bottle.

Space is limited to 6 campers + my daughter. 

Earlybird Cost - $450

Full Cost (after March 31) - $500

June 24-28, 2019 - sold out
July 15-19, 2019
Aug.5 -9, 2019 - sold out



I began seeking out opportunities early in life to connect and teach kids through art. In college, I worked with youth as a mentor, and we often spent time drawing and painting together as a way of connecting. I later worked at a summer camp in the craft shed for 3 months, coming up with and instructing classes to kids that ranged in ages 7 to 15. After beginning work as a designer, I began volunteering on weekends at the Children’s Museum in Dallas and teaching kids about mixing colors, painting, and other various crafts to create. After moving from Texas to Oregon in 2007, my work started becoming more and more influenced by nature. 

I am so grateful for the perspective that I gained after becoming a mom in 2010. My daughter has been my greatest teacher in life and takes part in my creating quite often. As I set out trying to teach my daughter about sharing kindness with the world, appreciating art and creating with what is around you, I realized that many of these teaching opportunities were the best part of our day. I have enjoyed incorporating more of them into our lives and now dedicate much of my life to creating and connecting with others through art. 

Most recently, I have connected with the community to create a large mural showcasing students collaborative art at Vestal Elementary, created art at the Portland Art Museum's Monster Drawing Rally to support youth art programs at the museum, taught after art classes thru IRCO at Vestal Elementary, and teach demos at Blick Art. Recently, I was certified thru the Red Cross for pediatric first aid/cpr/aed. 

I’m currently living out my dreams with my husband & our 7 year old girl & 4 chickens (Lucy, Ginger, Willow, & Peep) in Portland, Oregon as a working illustrator. If you have visited Burgerville, you might have seen my artwork on their seed packet surprises that are included inside of their kids meals. Since 2013, I have created over 60 seed packets for Burgerville. 


The Story 

I chose to name this camp Hummingbird Art Camp because the hummingbird holds a special place in my heart. These little wonders are frequent visitors around our gardens and front porch throughout the year, as well as an animal that often makes an appearance in my dreams when I'm going thru big creative leaps as an artist. This tiny, beautiful bird's wings create the infinity symbol in flight and they are the only bird that can fly backwards, forward, & from side to side. The hummingbird, to me, serves as a reminder to live a life full of joy, love, and playfulness believing in the magic that anything is possible. 


I hope that this camp is just the beginning of many more teaching opportunities. Sign up for my newsletter below if you are interested in learning about future workshops, classes, freebies, and what I'm up to as an artist. 

Feel free to get in touch at hello@julznally.com 

You can find my latest artwork, inspirations & happenings on Instagram & Facebook, and in the  shop.

I wish you a day full of beauty, love, and laughter. Much love  > julz


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