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Hand sculpted, one-of-a-kind ceramic trinket holder created by Julz Clementine

Approx. 4" tall & 1.5" wide

Perfect for rings & jewelry or incense holder


Hand built with clay

Hand painted with underglaze


Bisque fired

Signed by the artist

Glazed with a clear glaze for food safeness

Glaze fired

Popped out of the kiln and ready to enjoy it's new life in the world!


© Julz Clementine 2023

All rights reserved. Purchase of an original piece created by artist does not transfer copyrights. Sole copyright to the associated artworks are fully retained by the artist. Julz Clementine reserves the right to create reproductions of her orignal works for sale. Any unauthorized reproduction or commercial use is in violation of U.S. copyright law.




Pretty In Pink Trinket Holder

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